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Vinplan.Apps is a trade name of Vinplan financial planning & software bv in Ridderkerk (The Netherlands). Since the foundation in 1998, the company is focused on the development of software for the financial industry in The Netherlands and Germany.

The software of Vinplan.Apps is focusing primarily on advice and calculation applications within the banking, non-life insurance and life insurance markets. The software is for various platforms available such as Android and Web-based / Cloud application. Step by step Vinplan.Apps has composed a wide range of modular solutions. For example, there are modules available for Personal Injury Calculations, Probability Calculations (Monte Carlo), Actuarial Calculations, Income Tax and Social Securities.

Recent press releases and articles about personal injury are here available.


Here you can find an overview of the current applications that have been realized with the modular solutions of Vinplan.Apps:


Integrated Financial Planning

Extensive application for income/retirement planning, tax planning, wealth planning and enterprise planning. The real feature of this application is the ability of combining all the financial components together to create an integrated overview. For example, when entering a high salary for an owner of a personal limited, a capital loss will immediately occur if the company does not produce sufficient revenues.

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Integrated Financial Planning

This program is similar in functionality to the Online Calculator but it is localized for the German market. This means that the application is equipped with the Income Tax and Social Securities of Germany.

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Hypotheek of Huur

Calculation of housing costs

The financial planning module and the income tax module of Vinplan.Apps are combined in this application to determine whether renting a house is cheaper than buying a house. The software is able to answer this question due to a limited number of simple questions. It also calculates which type of mortgage is the most profitable.

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Letselschade Berekenen PLUS

Personal Injury Lump Sum Calculation

Comprehensive application for calculating personal injury and death claims. The program allows you to calculate all common financial topics that affect personal injury such as pensions, mortgages, enterprices, etc. The financial topics you added are automatically applied in the calculation of a personal injury. This extensive functionality is new in the personal injury sector and that is why we speak of 'Next Level personal injury calculation'.

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Letselschade Berekenen

Personal Injury Lump Sum Calculation

This program allows you to calculate a personal injury lump sum with an unlimited number of damage components. The Legal Interest module is included in the internet version of the program.

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